Jul. 7th, 2016


Jul. 7th, 2016 06:57 pm
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Hello everyone! This is, to be honest, a first post for this year? I forgot when was the last time I made an entry :O

I'm doing this because I think I need to be more active using my LiveJounal and practising my English.
Let me introduce myself! I'm Dhila, from Indonesia. Currently studying in Singapore. I'm not really good in writing but I will try my best to make interesting post fufufufu :3 Also, English is not my primary language so I might have wrong grammars or vocabularies ><

Anyway, my ichiban is Ohno, our leader~~

Do you see his adorable face? He is so cute right! Even he is 35 years old and soon will be 36...

And look, his sexy and manly face lol....
I love this picture so much! THANKS TO AN AN FOR DOING THIS PHOTO SESSION! An an is such a "yabai" magazine XP

And my niban will be our beloved rapper, SAKURAI SHO!

I respect him a lot seriously. He is such a hardworking person omg... I wanna be like him! Moreover, when he studied Economy in Keio while he is doing idol things, omg his schedules must be packed! Economy! You know E-C-O-N-O-M-Y? Though I'm studying accounting, but economy is a big no for me.... So, I respect him a lot.

You can say the order of being my favorite for Arashi's members will be according to their ages. So, my sanban will be Aiba san, then Nino, and the last will be Jun *sorry for those who likes Jun so much :(*. Jun is just not my type hahahaha...

Right now, I'm packed with uni life lol. I know it's nothing compare to work life lol~

I actually want to sub Aiba Manabu and Tensai Shimura (probably), but I need a translator because I just can do timing and typeset. So maybe anyone willing to collaborate with me? (I hope anyone want to lol).

I need to end my post here. I hope I can have time to post more~ I would like to post a review for dramas and movies. Let's wait for that lol XD

Pics : Credit to the right owner!


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