Apr. 6th, 2017 05:26 pm
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Hahahaha been along time not using this platform. I almost forget that I have an account on this website tho...... I almost forgot my password too and fortunately I am able to remember it hohoho~~~ anyway, nothing much here yeah. Idk what I should write. Maybe about my days? hahahhaa

As usual, Thursday I have afternoon class at 3.30 pm (SGT) and it was hot... Now suddenly it will rain I think......
And today, I am fasting (I am a muslim hahaha). I just attended the class for half session and during the break, I went home....

Now I am watching Doctor Strange. You know that Marvel movie right? It was released last year and it is a great movie for me hahaha. But I like Fantastic Beast more tbh.... I like Eddie Redmayne so.. that's it hahahhaa XD

Recently I am not up to date with Arashi... yeah I am really sorry boys. I am still your fan, but I am able to update about you guys after I get my holiday which is soon! BUT I HAVE TO STRUGGLE FOR FINAL EXAM FIRST!! :( Oh man, I can't believe it is almost end of the semester and I didn't understand all the subjects..... I do not know what is in my mind :( I need to get HD and D omg or else I can't get back to GPA 3..... I NEED GPA 3 PLEASE HELP ME :(((((

Okay I need to continue my movie hohohooh~ ciao~


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