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Okay so I'm no longer in Singapore. WOW~ 
I didn't expect I will be able to come here. It has been my dream to come here since my university actually from here. 
Anyway, I'm still adapting with the weather here. It's winter if I'm not wrong? is it? any Australian might wanna clarify this hahaha~

So far, everyone is nice to me. But sometimes there's moment when I felt being left behind. idk why.... Maybe I'm just too emotional hahaha~
Oh yeah, I came here with other students from the same uni as me in Singapore. And I feel like there's a group within the group haha. Okay just wanna say that here lolz. 

The holiday last time was good. Why? Because I can celebrate Hari Raya in Indonesia! Been a long time not celebrating with my family :") I was so happy this time I am able to~

I think that's it. Ciao~


Apr. 6th, 2017 05:26 pm
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Hahahaha been along time not using this platform. I almost forget that I have an account on this website tho...... I almost forgot my password too and fortunately I am able to remember it hohoho~~~ anyway, nothing much here yeah. Idk what I should write. Maybe about my days? hahahhaa

As usual, Thursday I have afternoon class at 3.30 pm (SGT) and it was hot... Now suddenly it will rain I think......
And today, I am fasting (I am a muslim hahaha). I just attended the class for half session and during the break, I went home....

Now I am watching Doctor Strange. You know that Marvel movie right? It was released last year and it is a great movie for me hahaha. But I like Fantastic Beast more tbh.... I like Eddie Redmayne so.. that's it hahahhaa XD

Recently I am not up to date with Arashi... yeah I am really sorry boys. I am still your fan, but I am able to update about you guys after I get my holiday which is soon! BUT I HAVE TO STRUGGLE FOR FINAL EXAM FIRST!! :( Oh man, I can't believe it is almost end of the semester and I didn't understand all the subjects..... I do not know what is in my mind :( I need to get HD and D omg or else I can't get back to GPA 3..... I NEED GPA 3 PLEASE HELP ME :(((((

Okay I need to continue my movie hohohooh~ ciao~
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HI! It's me again hahahaha. I know this is so late OMG! Someone actually already made story about this but I wanna write it down with my own wrote yeay XD

On 22th July 2016 (I hope this is not wrong), I met some of Arashi's fans from here (finally! I can fangirl and go karaoke, sing Arashi's songsssss!!!!). Who I met was [livejournal.com profile] coolohoh, [livejournal.com profile] a_lisssssa, and [livejournal.com profile] rainbow_teatime. I found them from a international group chat that was posted in arashi_on (you guys can see from there~). I was really happy to meet them! I was excited yeaaayy~~~

We agreed to meet at Bugis MRT because someone was from another land of Singapore LOL (read : she is in east area while most of us are in west area XD). We supposed to meet at 7pm but some of us were late (yeah two of them are a working person) and I was a bit late too because I took bus and I thought I would reach on time but nope... the bus was soooooooooooooooo....... yeah something like that.....lalalallala~~~ The first one who arrived was coolohoh and I apologize for my late >< And second one was me, third was rainbow_teatime, and lastly was alissa.

At first we didn't know where we should go. Also, since I'm the only muslim among them, we should find halal place to eat if wanna have dinner. So, I was recommend them to go to Qiji. Someone wanted to eat sushi and I said HEI SUSHI is the only halal sushi place that I knew (got infromation there's one halal sushi place called maki-san). But since there's no HEI SUSHI branch around Bugis, we decided to go to find another place. I just knew Qiji and Ramen Stall that is halal around Bugis (actually a lot but mostly is restaurants and fast foods and moreover it's in the mall). So we decided to go to Ramen Stall instead (actually I thought we will discuss it again when we meet hahahha). The place was a bit far (I'd been there before, so I know where it is). IT WAS RAINING and I was thinking whether they want or not because it was raining and we had to walk a little bit far.... (I'm so sorry guys T_T).

AND~~~ we arrived~~~ but since the place was so crowded, and we didn't make any reservation, so we had to wait for about 30 mins? I don't know but I felt it was long. I was afraid they were a bit angry because it's far and need to wait.... I'M REALLY SORRY GUYS ;_; After we got seated, we looked through the menu, and ordered the foods. Personally I like the ramen. I'm not a picky person if it's about foods. I don't know for others' opinions since they can eat the original ramen (which is made with pork broth, and it's sure not halal).

While we waited for our orders, we exchange our collections of Arashi hahaha. Coolohoh brought a lot and even she bought some magazines from kinokuniya before met us. Wow~ Thank you for letting me see the dream (?) rainbow_teatime brought her Arashi playing card (I also have it, but currently in my beloved room in Indonesia of course hahaha), and alissa brought her beloved hawaii blast booklet (DAMN I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!). I just brought an Aiba only photobook which was I bought from a certain seller that decided to leave the fandom (so sad, but bye bye ;_;). All my photobooks are in Indonesia ugh..... Okay, our orders was here already XD We ate~~~

After we finished, we wanted to play Baba Nuki using rainbow_teatime playing cards but we thought we couldn't do it in the restaurant since this restaurant always crowded I think. So we decided to go to National Library and find a place to sit outside and play it. We walked again from Ramen Stall to National Library which was more far than before (Bugis MRT to Ramen Stall). After we arrived in National Library, we searched where to sit and fortunately the library was already close too so we could sit anywhere LOL (don't copy this XD). We sit and before we play, there were some books and magazines that hadn't opened by coolohoh (omg she brought a lot seriously). So she told us she finally could unwarp those hahahha~ rainbow_teatime already divided the cards but we still wanted to look the magazines and books first XD (sorry rainbow_teatime~). After finished it, we play. If I'm not wrong, we played for 3 rounds (?) due to the time constraint (it was already late and rainbow_teatime's mom already asked her many times where she was :O, while I was also afraid for the transportation XD, pardon me, I'm still a student and I was in tight situation for my allowances actually hahaha). I was always the one who lose and always face the "exciting" situation :"). After we played, we went home. Me, coolohoh and alissa take the same way of MRT while rainbow_teatime was the opposite :") (another land of singapore). And the end of my trip yeay XD SO HAPPY AND THANKS A LOT GUYS!!! Let's meet sooonn!!!!

P.s sorry this is not much and no pics because too lazy to move it from my phone :"). Also, for you guys, sorry if I was so quiet because I was still can't catch up what you guys talking about hahaha. I haven't recovered my english mode so I'm so sorry :") (blame my 5 months of holiday...)
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Hi everyone! I'm back lol Actually, I didn't know what should I post today but I came up with this idea to cover about recently rumor~ To be honest, this the second time I write this entry because the first one, I accidentally press 'back' and I lost the entire entry.......

As we know, recently we heard that Nino is dating with an announcer called Itou Ayako. Fans around the world (around the world? they sure like a mega star to me HAHAHA), sure will have different opinions about it. Some are sad :(...... and some are happy :) because at least we know that our gamer boy is not dedicated is life for games haha! Me? I'm happy to hear that! This time I'm okay with it...not like the last time we heard about Ohno's rumor. I didn't like the woman at that time because in my point of view, she is like "a woman who is dating with him because of money".

Well, he is 32 years old already, and I think he should find his own happiness too. I know some of fans are sad because I'm not sure but they think Nino is for everyone. He is an idol after all~

Here is the first (?) magazine (or newspaper?) that covering this rumor

WOW! Our boy is such a 'smart' man? I mean, whenever I heard about his rumor, the woman was always beautiful and like high class person :O Moreover, this woman is an announcer and 2 years older than him which is she is 35 years old (same with our leader?). I think she is beautiful~ and looks smart~ fufufufu~~~

As the rumor spread out, fans and people are talking about this. I saw in my media socials that some of channels in Japan TV also covering this rumor. I'm thinking that this rumor could lead to something like an announcement for Japonism DVD concert? (please Mr. Johnny, I need the DVD now! I wanna watch that spectacular concert with Japanese theme!!!!) or a single? or an album? (I need the DVD! not those LOL). We also fed up with Jun-Mao rumor, and if this is true.....when they will getting married? :O

Fans also begin to find the truth and some might be stalk her social media. Here are some the pic I found from other fans (credit to them!) that indicate she is dating with him..... (maybe)

I can't......read.....Japanese.....to be honest... I'm sorry I couldn't translate it. But I ask one of my friend to translated the console game thing and she explained that this woman play a game called "Dragon Quest" and she is excited to play this game, then she feels that by playing game, she can see another world. I think Nino also play this game? and fans think that she knows game because of Nino hahaha~ How about we say that she is just a fan of Nino? Muri desu yo ne......HAHAHAHHA

So, at this time when I see those pictures, I think there's nothing problem with it. Until.....I begin to think in another way because of this post

Again, someone translated this and the person basically said that "the woman should not publicly show that this kind of thing. she should understand the situation. There's so many evidences that indicate you're dating with Nino. Please, don't make Nino into trouble."

Yeah....I agree with this. I agree with their relationship, but please, make it in private. I know it's hard! But that's the consequences you have when you're dating with an Idol... National Idol dayo~~~~ I hope everything is okay with Nino~ and she is also okay.... Hope fans also can understand and please don't make her life hard too :( She is a woman too....

Maybe I need to edit this post in the future if I have to.... I need to go to sleep now. Tomorrow I have class UH OH! See you~


Jul. 7th, 2016 06:57 pm
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Hello everyone! This is, to be honest, a first post for this year? I forgot when was the last time I made an entry :O

I'm doing this because I think I need to be more active using my LiveJounal and practising my English.
Let me introduce myself! I'm Dhila, from Indonesia. Currently studying in Singapore. I'm not really good in writing but I will try my best to make interesting post fufufufu :3 Also, English is not my primary language so I might have wrong grammars or vocabularies ><

Anyway, my ichiban is Ohno, our leader~~

Do you see his adorable face? He is so cute right! Even he is 35 years old and soon will be 36...

And look, his sexy and manly face lol....
I love this picture so much! THANKS TO AN AN FOR DOING THIS PHOTO SESSION! An an is such a "yabai" magazine XP

And my niban will be our beloved rapper, SAKURAI SHO!

I respect him a lot seriously. He is such a hardworking person omg... I wanna be like him! Moreover, when he studied Economy in Keio while he is doing idol things, omg his schedules must be packed! Economy! You know E-C-O-N-O-M-Y? Though I'm studying accounting, but economy is a big no for me.... So, I respect him a lot.

You can say the order of being my favorite for Arashi's members will be according to their ages. So, my sanban will be Aiba san, then Nino, and the last will be Jun *sorry for those who likes Jun so much :(*. Jun is just not my type hahahaha...

Right now, I'm packed with uni life lol. I know it's nothing compare to work life lol~

I actually want to sub Aiba Manabu and Tensai Shimura (probably), but I need a translator because I just can do timing and typeset. So maybe anyone willing to collaborate with me? (I hope anyone want to lol).

I need to end my post here. I hope I can have time to post more~ I would like to post a review for dramas and movies. Let's wait for that lol XD

Pics : Credit to the right owner!


Jul. 4th, 2016 11:12 pm
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Hi! I'm dhila from indonesia. But currently I'm studying at singapore~ well this is the first post so I don't know what to say.

All I want to tell is.... I lost 2 EXO albums (this is my friend's, not mine), I think it is new album of EXO, and there's a note attached to it saying "@miaismeyy, top up $9,..."
Anyone please tell me if you see it specifically anyone in Singapore (Clementi Mall).

Thank you lol

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It's me again. No, not again. It's been a long long time since the last time I wrote an entry about the little brat birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari. I planned to post an entry EVERYDAY but unfortunately the real world never allow me to do it hahahaha...

Anyway, it's already November! Oh man, one more month it will be the end of 2015. Time flies so fast really! But do you ever think that when you're younger, you felt time flies so slow? I mean, I feel like because we were young back then and what we do is mainly only playing? Well this is just my thinking, but as we grow older, and we have so many things to do, thinks to think, etc, we feel like time flies so fast? Hahahaha this is just an absurd explanation from me. Just left it behind.

Our leader, Ohno Satoshi will turn into 35 years old. OMG HE IS 35 YEARS BUT MY ICHIBAN IS HIM AND I STILL LOVE HIM! HAHAHAHAHAHA~
During his birthday, it is Japonism Concert Tour. Well, they will celebrate Ohno and Aiba's birthday while holding a concert right? I'm curious what will they do to celebrate it. I really like the last time they celebrate Aiba's birthday by make a word from the stick light. It's so beautiful and I bet Aiba is really garteful for that.

These days I feel like I'm so busy. Feel tired everyday even though I already sleep enough. Well this is you can called it my last semester. I hope this is my last semester for diploma!

Anyway, let's wait for leader's 35th birthday!

You know, right now I'm taking interest to TOKIO lolololol, but not into their musics yet. Just variety show only hehehe~

Pic : credit goes to the right now :)


Jul. 11th, 2015 05:25 pm
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Hi everyone~

So I would like to offer a help regarding about subbing work. If anyone need help for timing the sub. I know it requires a lot of work and time. However I'm not an expert also as I'm still learning using aegisub. But, anyone need help for timing is welcome and I'll try my best to help you and finish it.

Take note that I will have 2 months holiday on August and September. Also Japanese (just 5% i think?) is not my first language and I just use my predictions and ears for timing the sub hahaha. But I'll try best to do it perfectly (but pardon if I will make mistake~).

That's all! Just comment here or follow my twitter @dhilalicia or add my line id (ask personally) and I will sorting first which one I will accept.

Thank you~~
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I don't believe it I bought and got it for the ticket! I was in class and when I saw it's already opened, I need to fast to select the seat omg!

so my question is
Anyone going to the live screening in SG? I need a friend since I don't meet any arashi fans in here especially on my campus.... I want to get to know each other and have more friend here~
kindly comment here or you can add my line (PM me) or follow me in twitter @dhilalicia

oh yeah, I will be going on sunday at 10am~

THANKS guys!

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Happy Birthday to the little brat yet so adorable and everyone could forgive him, Ninomiya Kazunari

The more I know nino, the more I love him. I'm not Nino's biased but I love ohmiya pair. They are like 2 children in Arashi. Could you believe he's already 32 years old? OMG! The immortal Nino~ always 17th~

I love Nino's acting very much. He is an amazing actor, even Clint Eastwood must had been recognized his acting skill. Whenever I watched Nino's dramas, I fell in love with him again. I mean, the others' acting skills not really good (sorry for saying this, but this my opinion and I have no intention to make you hate the other members or make a war with you guys) but I think I know what we can call it a good acting skill. It's not about how you can cry by come out your tears or angry with full power. But, it's about how you can draw the character you're acted in yourself and audience won't feel this is you but this is the character.

To end with, I wish you all the best Nino! Hope you will always blessed in entertainment world~ This dorky who always bullying the other members especially Ohno must be really loved by them. I know we can't beat your love to Arashi even you're a member of Arashi. This is a prove why Arashi is like this because the members is the one who love Arashi to the fullness other than anyone else and we can't beat it! Thanks for always in Arashi up until now and hoping you to be always in Arashi. I will always support you from now onward to Nino! I'm grateful you decided to stay in Arashi even though I know you want to quit at first. But, God didn't let you out.


Pic: Credit to the owner~

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Happy 31th (eh!) I mean 33th Birthday! OMG I can't believe you already become 33 y.o. Thank you my beloved idol, newscaster, MC, rapper, etc for always bringing my smile and filling my day. Thank you for not left arashi in the past! The Keio boy who had a conflict with his family because of joining entertainment industry. Even though you have sloppy shoulder (ups) but I still love you! Your gap between your real personality and when you are with arashi are different!
I will support you from now onward too! ありがとう~

Pic : credit to the owner

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Happy Birthday to our miracle boy and a sunshine for Arashi! Though the tour concert already done yesterday, but i hope the other members celebrate your birthday like what you hope. Thanks for always bring my smile everyday. I pray for your best life and always support you from now onward too!

Many many thanks for you Aiba Masaki-kun~

24th December 2014, this boy turn into 32 year-old-man

Pic : credit to the owner
P.S : I know the grammar is wrong so i'm sorry >< just want to try a little bit

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Too late to post, it's already 11th day of dec :") but not to late I post this cause before his birthday! looking forward for 24th dec not because xmas eve, cause this boy's birthday~

My college make me can't post anything. So much assignments which are the due date mostly on december @_@ And, this saturday also there are a johnny's gathering in singapore BUT I can't join because I have 2 classes and the subject also not nice! ugh~ I really want to go, but I can't :") hope someday there'll be a gathering again I hope I can join it also!

oh yeah, I was going to Hong Kong. Such a nice place! For me, it's almost like singapore. I was looking the public transportation especiqlly the bus, and I thought it was really like in singapore. it's really different when I was going to shenzhen. though it's like in the same state, Hong Kong really different than Shenzhen. It was cold also, almost winter. But the snow hadn't come out. I really want to see snow with my own eyes but when?! hahaha, anyway it was such a great trip and thank you for my mom who invited me to join her and her friend trip!

see ya~

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IT'S OHNO'S MONTH YEAY. 1st November~

Our arashi's leader will be turning into 34 y.o. Oh this old man already old man but can make my heart beating so fast! Since this is my first time will celebrate his birthday, I will be excited to wait his day!

Anyway, I'm in Jakarta yeay yeay! But tomorrow, have to go back again :")

Picture : Credit to the owner who uplouded the pic


Oct. 30th, 2014 09:14 pm
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hi! long time didn't write anything in here. oh my, can't catch up what I've been studying for these few weeks. especially for 2 subjects. I haven't get it what we are studying. what the subjects point are. really need someone to help me hahaha 😂

And, the subject itself has an assignment which is really really complicated.

if anyone studied or currently studying at SIM in DAC (accounting) program, please help me 😂

thank you

Dhila from singapore~

anyway, tomorrow I'll be back to my country just for 3 days only haha. but! have fun yeay~

see ya


Sep. 19th, 2014 08:57 pm
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HI! Right now i'm in Singapore. Currently living in a hostel. Is any of you living in Singapore and a fan of arashi too? If yes, please comment it here. We can become a friend ^^


Looking forward to it! :D

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Hi, i'm dhila from indonesia. i'm 18 years old, and will be study at singapore. my university is singapore institute of management. i would like to know, talk, and maybe if we can meet with all of you in singapore. hope we can share our time together properly and be friends. please send me a personal message or comment it here.


thank you ^^


Aug. 19th, 2014 03:25 pm
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hi! i'm back, well i just wrote in journal yesterday but cause i'm so bored this week, if i have time, i will write something here...


ah yes, actually i already watch arashi love concert. it was amazing, THE FIRE AND FIREWORKS REALLY INCREDIBLE, it might burn my heart hahahaha


and last night i was watching pikanchi for the second time. it wasn't pikanchi 2.5 cause i'm not in japan. since my ichiban is haru-chan 😍, i was so broken cause the old lady have a crush on him. but, it was just a movie, and i could see oh-chan cute face! 😏


and now, i'm watching mikeneko holmes. aiba become a detective and afraid of girl and height. and ohkura, HE IS SO KAKKOI MY HEART MIGHT STOP FOR A BIT 😶 His smile was so bright 😢 so shining~


well this is my story for today~


ja na~

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If i write down the title with a date, means i missed to write it down before hahaha, kidding....


well, i just want to say....




i'm indonesian and i write down where i'm from. Tough it's late to say this hahaha. But i'm so proud to be here.
i don't know what i must do right now, what i must write hahaha. Before, i said i may review some j-drama or j-movie but i forgot that. well, i write this in my handphone so i'm too lazy to do it. maybe in the future (i don't know when) i will do it hahaha.


wow, 12 days to go to jun's birthday yay~ tough i don't really like him, but soon i will maybe, so i'm looking forward for his birthday. his month is the same with mine. i'm 10th of august, 20 days before jun's. so i'm a bit happy about it haha.


still, i'm in holiday. my friends already going to their campus but i haven't. i'm still waiting for the announcement. i'm applying to a university in singapore.


if you read this and you're a fan of arashi, please let me know. i want to have many friend with the same fandom. in the past, i used to be an otaku. but, currently i'm on hiatus to watch anime. so if you add me cause you like anime, feel free to let me know too. i just watch and know anime until last year so i still know if we talk about it.


well, this post become random, so i will end it here~


one more time


Dirgahayu HUT Republik Indonesia ke-69



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yay!! finally i have time to write this down. Minal Aidin wal Faidzin everyone. please forgive my mistakes if i have. Though i'm a muslim, i ask everyone here whom read this journal even you aren't a muslim.


and maybe i will upload some photos about my fam. mostly my cousins i think.


even i'm a fangirl, and this journal always be my fangirling site.


よろしくおねがします from now on ^^

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