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17th of August

If i write down the title with a date, means i missed to write it down before hahaha, kidding....


well, i just want to say....




i'm indonesian and i write down where i'm from. Tough it's late to say this hahaha. But i'm so proud to be here.
i don't know what i must do right now, what i must write hahaha. Before, i said i may review some j-drama or j-movie but i forgot that. well, i write this in my handphone so i'm too lazy to do it. maybe in the future (i don't know when) i will do it hahaha.


wow, 12 days to go to jun's birthday yay~ tough i don't really like him, but soon i will maybe, so i'm looking forward for his birthday. his month is the same with mine. i'm 10th of august, 20 days before jun's. so i'm a bit happy about it haha.


still, i'm in holiday. my friends already going to their campus but i haven't. i'm still waiting for the announcement. i'm applying to a university in singapore.


if you read this and you're a fan of arashi, please let me know. i want to have many friend with the same fandom. in the past, i used to be an otaku. but, currently i'm on hiatus to watch anime. so if you add me cause you like anime, feel free to let me know too. i just watch and know anime until last year so i still know if we talk about it.


well, this post become random, so i will end it here~


one more time


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