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Hi everyone! I'm back lol Actually, I didn't know what should I post today but I came up with this idea to cover about recently rumor~ To be honest, this the second time I write this entry because the first one, I accidentally press 'back' and I lost the entire entry.......

As we know, recently we heard that Nino is dating with an announcer called Itou Ayako. Fans around the world (around the world? they sure like a mega star to me HAHAHA), sure will have different opinions about it. Some are sad :(...... and some are happy :) because at least we know that our gamer boy is not dedicated is life for games haha! Me? I'm happy to hear that! This time I'm okay with it...not like the last time we heard about Ohno's rumor. I didn't like the woman at that time because in my point of view, she is like "a woman who is dating with him because of money".

Well, he is 32 years old already, and I think he should find his own happiness too. I know some of fans are sad because I'm not sure but they think Nino is for everyone. He is an idol after all~

Here is the first (?) magazine (or newspaper?) that covering this rumor

WOW! Our boy is such a 'smart' man? I mean, whenever I heard about his rumor, the woman was always beautiful and like high class person :O Moreover, this woman is an announcer and 2 years older than him which is she is 35 years old (same with our leader?). I think she is beautiful~ and looks smart~ fufufufu~~~

As the rumor spread out, fans and people are talking about this. I saw in my media socials that some of channels in Japan TV also covering this rumor. I'm thinking that this rumor could lead to something like an announcement for Japonism DVD concert? (please Mr. Johnny, I need the DVD now! I wanna watch that spectacular concert with Japanese theme!!!!) or a single? or an album? (I need the DVD! not those LOL). We also fed up with Jun-Mao rumor, and if this is true.....when they will getting married? :O

Fans also begin to find the truth and some might be stalk her social media. Here are some the pic I found from other fans (credit to them!) that indicate she is dating with him..... (maybe)

I can't......read.....Japanese.....to be honest... I'm sorry I couldn't translate it. But I ask one of my friend to translated the console game thing and she explained that this woman play a game called "Dragon Quest" and she is excited to play this game, then she feels that by playing game, she can see another world. I think Nino also play this game? and fans think that she knows game because of Nino hahaha~ How about we say that she is just a fan of Nino? Muri desu yo ne......HAHAHAHHA

So, at this time when I see those pictures, I think there's nothing problem with it. Until.....I begin to think in another way because of this post

Again, someone translated this and the person basically said that "the woman should not publicly show that this kind of thing. she should understand the situation. There's so many evidences that indicate you're dating with Nino. Please, don't make Nino into trouble."

Yeah....I agree with this. I agree with their relationship, but please, make it in private. I know it's hard! But that's the consequences you have when you're dating with an Idol... National Idol dayo~~~~ I hope everything is okay with Nino~ and she is also okay.... Hope fans also can understand and please don't make her life hard too :( She is a woman too....

Maybe I need to edit this post in the future if I have to.... I need to go to sleep now. Tomorrow I have class UH OH! See you~
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