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HI! It's me again hahahaha. I know this is so late OMG! Someone actually already made story about this but I wanna write it down with my own wrote yeay XD

On 22th July 2016 (I hope this is not wrong), I met some of Arashi's fans from here (finally! I can fangirl and go karaoke, sing Arashi's songsssss!!!!). Who I met was [livejournal.com profile] coolohoh, [livejournal.com profile] a_lisssssa, and [livejournal.com profile] rainbow_teatime. I found them from a international group chat that was posted in arashi_on (you guys can see from there~). I was really happy to meet them! I was excited yeaaayy~~~

We agreed to meet at Bugis MRT because someone was from another land of Singapore LOL (read : she is in east area while most of us are in west area XD). We supposed to meet at 7pm but some of us were late (yeah two of them are a working person) and I was a bit late too because I took bus and I thought I would reach on time but nope... the bus was soooooooooooooooo....... yeah something like that.....lalalallala~~~ The first one who arrived was coolohoh and I apologize for my late >< And second one was me, third was rainbow_teatime, and lastly was alissa.

At first we didn't know where we should go. Also, since I'm the only muslim among them, we should find halal place to eat if wanna have dinner. So, I was recommend them to go to Qiji. Someone wanted to eat sushi and I said HEI SUSHI is the only halal sushi place that I knew (got infromation there's one halal sushi place called maki-san). But since there's no HEI SUSHI branch around Bugis, we decided to go to find another place. I just knew Qiji and Ramen Stall that is halal around Bugis (actually a lot but mostly is restaurants and fast foods and moreover it's in the mall). So we decided to go to Ramen Stall instead (actually I thought we will discuss it again when we meet hahahha). The place was a bit far (I'd been there before, so I know where it is). IT WAS RAINING and I was thinking whether they want or not because it was raining and we had to walk a little bit far.... (I'm so sorry guys T_T).

AND~~~ we arrived~~~ but since the place was so crowded, and we didn't make any reservation, so we had to wait for about 30 mins? I don't know but I felt it was long. I was afraid they were a bit angry because it's far and need to wait.... I'M REALLY SORRY GUYS ;_; After we got seated, we looked through the menu, and ordered the foods. Personally I like the ramen. I'm not a picky person if it's about foods. I don't know for others' opinions since they can eat the original ramen (which is made with pork broth, and it's sure not halal).

While we waited for our orders, we exchange our collections of Arashi hahaha. Coolohoh brought a lot and even she bought some magazines from kinokuniya before met us. Wow~ Thank you for letting me see the dream (?) rainbow_teatime brought her Arashi playing card (I also have it, but currently in my beloved room in Indonesia of course hahaha), and alissa brought her beloved hawaii blast booklet (DAMN I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!). I just brought an Aiba only photobook which was I bought from a certain seller that decided to leave the fandom (so sad, but bye bye ;_;). All my photobooks are in Indonesia ugh..... Okay, our orders was here already XD We ate~~~

After we finished, we wanted to play Baba Nuki using rainbow_teatime playing cards but we thought we couldn't do it in the restaurant since this restaurant always crowded I think. So we decided to go to National Library and find a place to sit outside and play it. We walked again from Ramen Stall to National Library which was more far than before (Bugis MRT to Ramen Stall). After we arrived in National Library, we searched where to sit and fortunately the library was already close too so we could sit anywhere LOL (don't copy this XD). We sit and before we play, there were some books and magazines that hadn't opened by coolohoh (omg she brought a lot seriously). So she told us she finally could unwarp those hahahha~ rainbow_teatime already divided the cards but we still wanted to look the magazines and books first XD (sorry rainbow_teatime~). After finished it, we play. If I'm not wrong, we played for 3 rounds (?) due to the time constraint (it was already late and rainbow_teatime's mom already asked her many times where she was :O, while I was also afraid for the transportation XD, pardon me, I'm still a student and I was in tight situation for my allowances actually hahaha). I was always the one who lose and always face the "exciting" situation :"). After we played, we went home. Me, coolohoh and alissa take the same way of MRT while rainbow_teatime was the opposite :") (another land of singapore). And the end of my trip yeay XD SO HAPPY AND THANKS A LOT GUYS!!! Let's meet sooonn!!!!

P.s sorry this is not much and no pics because too lazy to move it from my phone :"). Also, for you guys, sorry if I was so quiet because I was still can't catch up what you guys talking about hahaha. I haven't recovered my english mode so I'm so sorry :") (blame my 5 months of holiday...)

Date: 2016-07-29 02:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] a-lisssssa.livejournal.com

Yay I had fun too! Let's meet up soon when we are less busy (read: when we can meet while the sun is up) and have more money HAHAHA :3 Christina has to travel to the west for school in Septhehehe (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so it'll be more convenient for everyone okay more convenient for us anywayhehehe

And no worries about having to eat halal food haha I blame SG for not having more halal food places

Also, your English is fine really but I'm sorry if we spoke too fast for you ;AAAAA;



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