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ハジマリクミコ ([personal profile] dhilalicia) wrote2014-08-19 03:25 pm


hi! i'm back, well i just wrote in journal yesterday but cause i'm so bored this week, if i have time, i will write something here...


ah yes, actually i already watch arashi love concert. it was amazing, THE FIRE AND FIREWORKS REALLY INCREDIBLE, it might burn my heart hahahaha


and last night i was watching pikanchi for the second time. it wasn't pikanchi 2.5 cause i'm not in japan. since my ichiban is haru-chan 😍, i was so broken cause the old lady have a crush on him. but, it was just a movie, and i could see oh-chan cute face! 😏


and now, i'm watching mikeneko holmes. aiba become a detective and afraid of girl and height. and ohkura, HE IS SO KAKKOI MY HEART MIGHT STOP FOR A BIT 😶 His smile was so bright 😢 so shining~


well this is my story for today~


ja na~

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