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The Little Brat's Birthday


Happy Birthday to the little brat yet so adorable and everyone could forgive him, Ninomiya Kazunari

The more I know nino, the more I love him. I'm not Nino's biased but I love ohmiya pair. They are like 2 children in Arashi. Could you believe he's already 32 years old? OMG! The immortal Nino~ always 17th~

I love Nino's acting very much. He is an amazing actor, even Clint Eastwood must had been recognized his acting skill. Whenever I watched Nino's dramas, I fell in love with him again. I mean, the others' acting skills not really good (sorry for saying this, but this my opinion and I have no intention to make you hate the other members or make a war with you guys) but I think I know what we can call it a good acting skill. It's not about how you can cry by come out your tears or angry with full power. But, it's about how you can draw the character you're acted in yourself and audience won't feel this is you but this is the character.

To end with, I wish you all the best Nino! Hope you will always blessed in entertainment world~ This dorky who always bullying the other members especially Ohno must be really loved by them. I know we can't beat your love to Arashi even you're a member of Arashi. This is a prove why Arashi is like this because the members is the one who love Arashi to the fullness other than anyone else and we can't beat it! Thanks for always in Arashi up until now and hoping you to be always in Arashi. I will always support you from now onward to Nino! I'm grateful you decided to stay in Arashi even though I know you want to quit at first. But, God didn't let you out.


Pic: Credit to the owner~

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