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ハジマリクミコ ([personal profile] dhilalicia) wrote2015-07-11 05:25 pm


Hi everyone~

So I would like to offer a help regarding about subbing work. If anyone need help for timing the sub. I know it requires a lot of work and time. However I'm not an expert also as I'm still learning using aegisub. But, anyone need help for timing is welcome and I'll try my best to help you and finish it.

Take note that I will have 2 months holiday on August and September. Also Japanese (just 5% i think?) is not my first language and I just use my predictions and ears for timing the sub hahaha. But I'll try best to do it perfectly (but pardon if I will make mistake~).

That's all! Just comment here or follow my twitter @dhilalicia or add my line id (ask personally) and I will sorting first which one I will accept.

Thank you~~

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