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It's me again. No, not again. It's been a long long time since the last time I wrote an entry about the little brat birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari. I planned to post an entry EVERYDAY but unfortunately the real world never allow me to do it hahahaha...

Anyway, it's already November! Oh man, one more month it will be the end of 2015. Time flies so fast really! But do you ever think that when you're younger, you felt time flies so slow? I mean, I feel like because we were young back then and what we do is mainly only playing? Well this is just my thinking, but as we grow older, and we have so many things to do, thinks to think, etc, we feel like time flies so fast? Hahahaha this is just an absurd explanation from me. Just left it behind.

Our leader, Ohno Satoshi will turn into 35 years old. OMG HE IS 35 YEARS BUT MY ICHIBAN IS HIM AND I STILL LOVE HIM! HAHAHAHAHAHA~
During his birthday, it is Japonism Concert Tour. Well, they will celebrate Ohno and Aiba's birthday while holding a concert right? I'm curious what will they do to celebrate it. I really like the last time they celebrate Aiba's birthday by make a word from the stick light. It's so beautiful and I bet Aiba is really garteful for that.

These days I feel like I'm so busy. Feel tired everyday even though I already sleep enough. Well this is you can called it my last semester. I hope this is my last semester for diploma!

Anyway, let's wait for leader's 35th birthday!

You know, right now I'm taking interest to TOKIO lolololol, but not into their musics yet. Just variety show only hehehe~

Pic : credit goes to the right now :)

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